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Halloween Trick or Treating Pranks 2016

Halloween Trick or Treating Pranks 2016- It is the most amazing day for all the tickers. All the kids and adults go out for fun and trick or treat 2016 to enjoy the day. They do many things to make the day full of joy and excitement. They try every possible thing to make them fool and ask to teats. It is a part of tradition so on this day I have arranged such an amazing halloween trick or treating for you that will make your trick or treat pranks more working. Some like to go to haunted house while others like to participate in parades. Trick r treat 2016 is the most vital custom of this day. Peoples dress up in a creative way, go door to door and ask for trick r treat to the owner. The owner of the house give them special gifts as treat like candies and other gifts, if he/she refuses to treat then they try to horrify with different trick or treat pranks 2016. That’s how this tradition is called halloween trick or treat.

Halloween Trick or Treating

It is the most funniest day that gives freedom to all the peoples. Every victim of halloween trick or treat 2016 will take it as a funniest activity. Some times halloween trick or treating creates problems or misunderstanding in some cases but most of the time it is very good and supporting by all. There is lot of traditional & modern trick treat 2016 character that people like to play. Most of the peoples dress up with trick treat scary cosmetics and costumes. There is lot of trick or treats in the traditional scary category like demon, vampire, devil, ghost, witch and many more. In the modern tricks or treats there are many category like funny costumes, superhero costumes, sexy costumes included creative ideas with traditional touch. All the kids participate in this activity and it taken as fun activity. Many adults don't like to go for it but most of the adults participates in this activity. You can go for trick or treat studios that will amaze you on this wonderful occasion.
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You can some of the trick or treating halloween which we are going to share with you below:-

  • You can dress up like scarecrow or Frankenstein to horrify your neighbor and friends. You can also set a cam with good recording quality to record the reactions. 
  • You can add different accessories in your pranks to make it real and different from others.
  • Most of the things have been tried so you should try something new.
  • If you will find the weak point of your target and then plot your prank before implementation then it will surely work.
  • You can act as a dead person, all you need to lay grovel after ringing the bell and as soon as someone open the door lay down for a while then start vibrating and coughing artificial blood. 
  • Throw away some scary messages or things like skull, bones, blood. 
  • Do some scary sound near your neighbor or friend whom you want to frighten. 
  • Ring the bell again and again, and hide when someone open the door. 
  • You can put Jack o lantern with scary messages like “today is your last day”, “revenge”etc 
  • You can leave your finger prints on your friends or neighbors door. Finger can be in red color or any other you have at that time. 
  • You can create a prank by making some special offers and leave a box as a gift inside some scary things that the person scare
  • You can also send others person for you target and and go for your friends target. It will not let the chance to recognize the persons identity to make the prank successful.
halloween trick or treating 

I have revealed all the secret ideas and concepts for 2016 trick or treat. Trust me these ideas are really awesome and easy to implement. I have collected these ideas on the basis of public reviews on different sites. I really made your work easy and cooked for you, all you need to eat I mean implement. All you need to give few minutes to read this article even you can modify it also.

halloween trick or treat

This first idea which I introduced is one of the best trick r treat pranks. This is really scary to dress up like a scarecrow of farm. If someone does not give treat so you can implement these pranks for trick or treat to scare him/her. You can stand in their farm or lawn and do out scary voices. These is the most appropriate idea you can do on this Halloween 2016. It is festival of dead peoples so it is the belief of people that death souls come to earth.

trick or treat pranks

The concept of this day came from Ancient Celtic peoples. Every passing decade it gone through with lot of changes. In middle age peoples used to go door to and dance to entertain the house owner and in return they gave food, grain and other gifts. In the middle age Christian missionaries colored this festival in Christianity. Now the trick or treat Halloween trend is totally modified but traditional touch is still alive.

trick r treat 2016

Peoples of all age groups involve in the activity but most youngsters participate in trick and treat with full energy and enthusiasm. Youngsters also do different pranks sometimes they do reverse trick o treat 2016 to surprise someone. It is really surprising for someone to understand how to deal with it. Sometimes they try but to horrify and sometimes they just make fun. It is really unpredictable that what idea will they implement to trick. Most of the time people usually gifts candy, cakes and other gifts. Many house owners also prank as they give some garbage or useless thing in trick n treat 2016. It is totally full of fun and entertainment.


You can try your own halloween pranks 2016 ideas and these are the most amazing things that will help you on this funniest occasion. You can choose all the ideas one by one to make your Halloween full of fun. You may also pick any particular ideas I shared above with you. There are many of your friends who scare with lizard, cockroach or mouse, so you can gift a box included these things that scare him/her. I guarantee you, these ideas are all new and totally working. There are many ideas available on other websites but I assure you that you will not find any other latest and creative elsewhere.


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