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Scary Halloween Pranks 2016 for Kids & Adults

Hello, friends, I welcome you on this most popular and special occasion of Halloween. The origin of the day started from an ancient harvest festival. In the present time, it has become a fun festival more over than religious festivals.  In the beginning, it was known as horror festival or festival of dead peoples. This day is celebrated on 31 October from generations. It was originated in the parts of northern Europe and reach all over the world by Irish and Scottish emigrants. Irish and Scottish emigrants played an important role to take it to America. Trick or Treat is an important activity originated centuries ago. In the Ancient time, wine and food were left for dead peoples, spirits, and souls. Funny Halloween pranks are now so popular and it is associated with trick or treat activity.We have arranged a lot of scary Halloween pranks so can also try these scary pranks on your friends and family.

Halloween Pranks

 It the middle England an activity named “All souls parades” changed the structure of the day. In this activity, poor people begged for food. Soul cakes” were used to gift them in return to the prayer of dead peoples. Soon the concept of the day changed and it took over by Trick or Treat. In the activity peoples, mostly children dress up like ghosts, vampires etc and go door to door for a trick. In the modern activity now the trend has been totally modernizing. It is not as simple as it used to happen a few years back. Now a popular fun thing “Prank” has been added to the activity. It is really a funny thing and liked by all over the world. Halloween pranks ideas are available here which will help you to enjoy the funny moments. It is a thing that gives the original expression in given situation. It is really amazing to do prank with house owners by trick or theaters’. Here we have best Halloween pranks for you totally free. Sometimes house owners also do return prank to save themselves from the trick.

Here are the Halloween prank ideas you would like to try on this Halloween.
  • You can color yourself in red and pretend is as blood by showing as a wounded accident victim. In this Halloween scare pranks, you have to homework about the place and person nature.
  • You can also pretend to be dead and when you someone come to help you can make funny scary pranks by shouting. You can make fun when he/she scared of you.
  • Arrange some bones as there are many artificial accessories are available and hang it on your targets wall.
  • Hide in the bushes and shout at them suddenly.
  • Dress up yourself a ghost and hide in the path where you friend is going to passing by. Come in front of them and stare them with a scary voice.
  • Add some extra chilies and Croton tiglium in the food of your friend.
  • Remember the thing your friend scared so now pack it and gift your friend. The most important are to force him/her open in front of you.
  • You can also do some special preparations for Halloween office pranks.  

Funny Halloween Pranks

This is really amazing to try this prank for your friends and neighbors. It is totally safe and you can easily send it to your relatives. This is really amazing and wonderful idea and you can also add you own.

Scary Halloween Pranks

This also an amazing idea so you can warp this jar in a colorful  paper and gift it to your friends and family.You can take help of any artist to create you artificial face. Left this jar in your wife or girlfriends room very secretly and this will be a perfect prank.

Halloween Pranks

Pumpkin carving is a special thing so you can try it to surprise your friends by giving it a horrible look. This is very creative and wonderful thing which you would like to try on this wonderful day. You can also insert some creativity in this prank ideas..

Scary Pranks

This it the wonderful idea to wish to surprise your friend. You can try this idea by hiding with some scary look and send it to your friends and family. It is very easy to get it in you list and implement your idea.


These are the creative and latest top 10 Halloween pranks so you can check it to make your friends surprise. All the prank available here are very safe so you can try it easily. You can also call these pranks as harmless fun. Try these prank and something extra to make it more real. Record the Halloween pranks videos to make fun after that. If you have any super pranks idea so kindly comments us below. We will add your idea in our post with your name.  I hope you enjoyed our unique post and I just request you to share. You can share us on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social sites.


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